London, October 23, 2023 – Last Thursday, the vibrant city of London was the epicenter of a major event that brought together leading brokers, and influential insurance companies. The meeting, held at the elegant Jin Bo Law, brought together experts from this key sectors to explore new opportunities for collaboration and share innovative ideas.

The event, organised by Media Insurance Network, the worl’d largest network of media insurance experts, marked a milestone in the convergence of these two fields, which may appear disparate but share a common objective: meet consumer demands and manage risks in the ever-changing world of entertainment.

One of the main topics discussed was the exponential growth of the entertainment sector in the digital age. Content production and distribution companies face increasingly diverse risks, from intellectual property protection to stakeholder safety and live event management. This is where brokers and insurance companies play a crucial role in providing tailored solutions to mitigate these risks.

Some of the major insurance companies present at the event, such as AGCS, HISCOX and Tokio Marine, highlighted their specialized insurance services for the entertainment industry. These cover everything from event cancellation coverage to liability, protecting production companies and event organizers from unexpected financial losses.

Another key aspect addressed was the importance of data protection in the digital age. Modern entertainment relies heavily on data collection and analysis to understand the audience and personalize the experience. Entertainment industry leaders demands more often insurance policies that protect against potential breaches and data leaks, which could have serious repercussions on the reputation of companies.

This event, which has showed the importance of collaboration and innovation in risk management and asset protection are key to ensuring that the show continues uninterrupted and that consumers continue to enjoy safe and exciting entertainment experiences.

Media Insurance Network members had achieved to be both, the worl’d largest network of media insurance experts and the only that gathers twice a year the best profesionals from this amazing industry.

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