On October, 19, 20 and 21st , MIN, the world’s largest network of brokers specializing in the media industry, organized and hosted in the city of London the first annual meeting of underwriters related to the sector.

After the first working session, where MIN members were updated on their ongoing projects, the working session was fully focused on the steps that the association will be doing to achieve position as the best network of professionals dedicated to the media and entertainment sector in the world of insurance.

Media Insurance Network, or MIN, as its partners refer to it, was created back in 2010, with the idea of welcoming professionals who, as its founding partner, Riskmedia, were mainly engaged in the media world and often found it difficult to meet the special needs of their customers. Since then, it has not stopped working intensively to incorporate brokers in different territories until today, in which it is present in 14 countries and more than 50 cities, where it has more than 1,000 experts to put at the service of its customers.

On the last day before returning home, MIN booked a space that brought together more than 30 industry professionals and underwriters, all based in the city of London. Here they had the opportunity to exchange views and concerns about the difficulties that the industry may face in the very near future. It was very productive for both parties to be able to know what issues are causing unrest in each other so that between them there is always a positive dialogue and a spirit of understanding so that business continues flowing.

This edition has been prepared with special affection, not only for being the first but for the good spirit and enthusiasm that everyone has shown. It is certainly a first edition of many.

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